DIY Turbo Crane Model Building Toy

  • Turbo cranes are vivid and realistic, with red, blue, yellow, black and green colors. It is easy to assemble and has a total of 33 blocks. The gameplay is fun, you can turn the shaft on the long pole in front of the crane, and the hanging blue small square will follow the lift; turn the shaft behind the body, and the front long rod will also follow the lift
  • By assembling building blocks, you can exercise your child's hands-on ability, improve color and shape recognition, develop intelligence, let children learn mechanical principles in advance, and increase scientific interest in learning.
  • The product is compatible with most mainstream building blocks in the market. It is suitable for people over 3 years old. It is an excellent puzzle early education toy. 
  • The design is novel and the appearance is beautiful. High quality, using ABS raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, high-temperature disinfection, green and environmental protection.The overall use of rounded corners, no burr chamfering and other security risks.