Defender Remote Control Car Building Blocks

  • Door can be opened / closed with one button (manual), Integrating the features and building blocks of a remote control car with higher playability
  • 2.4G automatic linking, remote control forward / backward / left / right; The structure of the building block car is stable, and there are multiple moving parts for playing
  • Exquisite high-end atmosphere packaging, gifts for children, Develop children's hands-on ability to assemble toy cars, hand-eye coordination.
  • Enhance the child's thinking during the assembly process and become more familiar with the internal structure of the vehicle. After assembling and purchasing, you can install batteries to entertain and remotely play cars. You are full of sense of accomplishment for the cars you assemble.
  • Develop children's practical skills. Note that this product is a model part and needs to be assembled by hand. After successful assembly, it can be played remotely.